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Ball Valve for Food and Beverage

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  • Date:2021.09.02 11:52
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Ball Valve for Food and Beverage

We introduce ‘Lightweight Shut-Off Valve with Swivel Nut’. It is a fitting ball valve for food and beverage. This product is a push-fit technology that can easily turn on/off the supply of water as well as compressed air- you can adjust the valve without any tools.




The product is a unique product of FluidFit with a patent pending in 2020.


Unlike other products, this product is designed to replace the valve shaft from body in case of incorrect assembly. In addition, it is the product with high chemical resistance and light weight, so it is convenient to use in a reduced space and easy to install.


When selecting a valve for food and beverage, it must be non-corrosive, resistant to chemical and electrical reactions, and Legionella bacteria. It should also be maintenance-free and small and convenient. Fittings for food and beverages have separate applicable certifications and regulations. Different countries have different certifications and regulations for food and beverage fittings.


National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) - NSF is the North American product testing, inspection and certification body. Fluidfit is certified by the NSF.


WRAS (Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme) - WARS is the UK product testing, inspection and certification body. We confirm that Fluidfit products comply with the standards set by the UK Water Regulations.

Attestation De Conformite Sanitaire (ACS) - ACS is an approval in France for equipment materials that come into contact with drinking water. Fluidfit products comply with French drinking water regulations.

KTW (Kunststoffe und Trinkwasser) - KTW is the German drinking water sector certification body. In accordance with W270, testing for bacterial growth of food and beverage components is included. Fluidfit products comply with German drinking water regulations.