The Best Product

CDCPNEUMATICS pursues No. 1 company of technology, innovation capabilities and new products. We value customers as the top priority

Differentiated Products

CDCPNEUMATICS is the first company in Korea divided into 2 divisions: Pneumatic Division and Fluidfit Division. We are capable of producing our own safe and clean products. Our technology has built into all our fittings; emphasizing high reliability of performance to a wide range of industries.

Excellent Customer Service

CDCPNEUMATICS values the relationship with customers. Most of CDCPNEUMATICS’s customers are our partners for over 20 years. We will deliver unchanging, reliable and best service.

Future Innovation Driven

CDCPNEUMATICS pursues innovation, creative technology, customer satisfaction and win-win partnership. We are proud of manufacturing world class fittings and extending our products across the world. We will continue to produce the best value and trust to our customers.